Panorama L Bracket

At the recent Christian Fletcher workshop I showed around my custom L shaped panorama bracket. With some help from a mate and his Manfrotto bracket we came up with this neat cheap unit. Christian has contacted me and suggested a few people may be interested in it. So what I will do is post up some images and measurements to my blog in the next day or so.

I made it for my Nikon D2Xs and the 17 – 55mm lens, but I am sure that it would be mighty close for a full bodied or grip fitted Canon or D300, D700 or whatever. Regardless of camera make the lens should be over the centre of the tripods rotation and very close to the lens nodal point. We tried moving the camera back and forth and really it did not make a huge difference to the parallax error.

So if you need a cheap pano head for stitching your images together this may be it. I also grabbed of eBay a cheap little 3 way hot shoe bubble level, works a treat!




~ by David Sobik on November 4, 2009.

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