Lone Photographer


Found this chap down at Greens Pool. Kinda looked like he knew what he was doing. After all he had a tripod! Turns out he is a German working in Singapore manufacturing the computers for Aussie built cars! A keen photographer that was interesting to talk to. He was using one of those Canon thingys a 40D and a 10-24?? Had an old computer at home, never really touched photoshop, used some Canon program but loved what he was doing, left the wife and kids back at camp and went a landscaping. Good on him.

Take it easy.



~ by David Sobik on November 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “Lone Photographer”

  1. Interesting David, where will you turn up next…

  2. Great pic of some strange dude on a rock…..really like this shot!

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