If you are ever driving up the Brand Highway turn in and go here! It is just an amazing part of WA. There is now a fantastic visitors centre designed by the same guy that did Karijini visitors centre.

Drive around the track or walk through them. Late in the afternoon kangaroo’s will come out. I sat there under a full moon, they looked awesome. I did try to shoot a few frames but the D2Xs is not that flash in low light. Were is that D3s??

This image was taken 6:40pm, 9 images stitched not a lot of adjustment really, just a tweak.

Cheers guys,



~ by David Sobik on December 14, 2009.

6 Responses to “Pinnacles”

  1. excellent work David! This is one place I must go to! I won’t be heading to Albany as planned this week but will be going to Albany early January for about a week – Have to catch up then. I’m off to Margaret River on the weekend.

  2. Thanks Leigh, yep will catch up for sure. I walked around, sat in the car, snoozed in the car and just waited till it was time, then roared around like a mad fool capturing these. Got a lot of hoots and my pic taken by a bus load of young females. I think they thought it was you….


  3. Looks good Dave, can you go out there at night aswell. I wouldnt mind heading out that way at some point.

    • Hi Dan, yes you can spend as long as you like there. Pay your 11 bucks and thats it! There were quite a few just taking it all in untill after dark.

      Thanks for the comment!



  4. Great photo of the sticky out rock things…!! (this is what one of Jamie’s workers called them when he went there)

  5. Thanks Maryanne, sorry I did not stop by on way, but I am coming up on 25th Jan so will keep in touch if your home.


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