Little grey bird

These little chaps have just the most amazing song. If you have ever visited the Porongurup ranges here in WA you would have heard these singing out in the scrub. I have tried to look him up but no luck.

Came in when I was shooting wrens. Shot with the Nikon AF-SII 600mm f4.

Had no sun today so my blue on blue beach shot did not happen!




~ by David Sobik on December 20, 2009.

3 Responses to “Little grey bird”

  1. Nice one David. I have had a look and I think this is a Jacky Winter. Another tick of the bird list.

    • Hi Leigh I am off to get a book! Out to Redmond tonight to visit friends, this is were I got this bird, so oddly enough the 600 is in the ute!

      Merry Christmas Leigh to you and Caroline!

      Cheers mate


      Oh Leigh you booking a chopper ride on the True North??

  2. yep certainly am going skywards. I just hope there will be enough people interested. Ill be down in Albany on the 4th to the 13th. Hope to catch up then.

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