First post from the MacBook Pro

So this is my first post from the MacBook. Nice a warm on your lap! I have installed most apps and actions including the Dcam3 colour profiles. Just have a few more actions to install as well as calibrate the monitor with my Spyder, so hope the colours are OK.

Another capture from Napier creek. Can’t wait till winter when its roaring through here.

Cheers guys.



~ by David Sobik on February 18, 2010.

3 Responses to “First post from the MacBook Pro”

  1. Stunning shot.

    The Macbook Pro is nice, isn’t it, I have one I take stormchasing.

  2. Hello Odille, thanks for stopping by my blog! You have some great stuff on yours as well, and some nice gear! The ‘Blad must just be amazing to use!



  3. It is! Gives a big ‘thunk’ when you press the shutter. I had a 500C film blad many years ago but it got stolen. This one has fulfilled a long held dream. And the dynamic range of the P20, even though it is only 16Mp is just awesome

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