Funky sky over Albany

Now this is why I went up the hill! There were some weird sky’s forming. Whats with the strange sun rays at all angles (no I did not put them in) and a rainbow?  Don’t think I will find this combo again!

Shot with my Nikon D2Xs, 9 image stitch, 17-55mm f11 full manual mode.

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~ by David Sobik on March 24, 2010.

13 Responses to “Funky sky over Albany”

  1. Yes and you can see the earth IS curved in this image. The earth slopes to the right, in case you did not know……

  2. Nice image David

  3. That is a beautiful shot.

  4. You’ve got a couple cracker shots here Dave, especially after you said you missed out on the storms!! Well Done!!

  5. Great shots Dave, like the one with the rainbow and rays. I love that kind of light!
    Albany looks like an awesome place I’ll make it there one day.


  6. Awesome Pano indeed David I can see I am going to have to get some more storm images from up here in Port Hedland and post them to try and compete with all the action that is going on down south.
    Awesome work indeed.

  7. Hey thanks Brett! Yes sure was a wild night. Even blew up my oven when I was trying to cook dinner.

    Cheers for stopping by.


  8. yes interesting sky and light, I like it.

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