Wild lightning in Albany

A bit of a wild night here in Albany! Drove up to the Mt Melville lookout just to shoot some clouds then this broke loose! I was joined by several other photographers and we all had a ball! Chipmunking each other images.

Wind was howling, very hard to keep things steady with long exposures.

Settings: Bulb, f11, down to about f5.6, 100ISO, Nikon D2Xs 17 – 55mm f2.8

Happy storm hunting!

And check out Michael Lee’s one on his blog, mighty good. (don’t tell him but I think its better than mine!)

Cheers guys



~ by David Sobik on March 24, 2010.

11 Responses to “Wild lightning in Albany”

  1. Great shots David, how loud was that thunder! Fox was just about having a stroke.

  2. Hey Dave, awesome capture mate. We got hammered up here in Perth 2 days ago. check out my latest, no where near as impressive as your lightning, I simply didnt have the time nor inclination to be pounded by cricket ball size hail,
    Currently knocking over the hurdles to Albany, have contacted some R/estate agents, will be down at easter for a look around.
    Cheers Adrian

  3. It was a great night and the thunder was pretty loud above us at Mt Melville, I had a great time chatting with you David and taking shots. I ended up going back there later on and got some more shots alot better than the first ones.

    • Hi Jodie, thats great you went back! I had to do a wedding album so I was stuck at home. Send me your link and I will have a look.

      Glad I was of some help!



  4. Well David i’m not ureabout that.

  5. Great shots, I like the second one.

  6. love the bottom one mate, unreal

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