Wedding of Gina and Shayne

Well with the threat of rain all day and jostling for position down at the beach with other photographers Gina and Shayne’s photo session went of real well. Nice even light that may have been a little flat looking at the RAW files now but we dodged the bullet and it rained just as we ran off the jettty!

Thanks guys for a great day, may your lives together be wonderful.


Click on image to enlarge.


~ by David Sobik on March 28, 2010.

8 Responses to “Wedding of Gina and Shayne”

  1. Amazing shots. Those clouds don’t look good. Glad the rain held off for the photo’s.

  2. Thanks Jodie, yes we worked fast and it was blowing rather hard. Not bad down at Mids. Those nasty clouds sure looked great thought!



  3. mate my secret for skin tone and softening is Nik colour efex. Dynamic skin softener is the best.

  4. Looks like you had an awesome day David awesome sky always makes for nice shots no matter what your doing hey love your work.

    • Thanks Brett! I am glad you enjoy my work. Off to the city for a wedding next Friday with wedding season drawing to a close I will have a bit more free time for more landscapes again.

      Cheers mate


  5. Great shots David, the clouds accentuate the rest of the scene. The image of them walking on the jetty looks great!

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