Feeding Kangaroo’s

Sorry for the lack of posts guys, been a bit busy. Had Denmark markets on Saturday and it was great to meet Adrian and his partner, he is on my blog roll, and lots of my blog followers came up and said hello! Cheers guys your the ones that make this work.

Anyway thought I best pull the 600mm out of its case and find some targets. These roos would do. You get a lot of reach with the 600 these fellas would have been 150 to 200m away.

Shot these in the late after noon with some soft light.

I have some exciting news to come, not really photography related but there will be a lot of photos taken. If you enjoyed Long Way Down well look out for Long Way Across! More soon.

Data: Nikon D2Xs, Nikon 600mm AF-S II lens 1/350 second f4 320 ISO, big tripod!

Cheers guys



~ by David Sobik on April 5, 2010.

6 Responses to “Feeding Kangaroo’s”

  1. Gotta love that 600mm!! I’m saving my hard earned for one, and a few other goodies!! I like the image too!!

    • Cheers Jamie! Yes its nice! Hey Howard form Camera Electronics stopped by my stall at the Denmark markets, he is on the scout for a D3 for me.

      Cheers mate

  2. Nice pic Dave, I would be happy if Howard would part with that 500mm he has sitting in the shop.

  3. WOW a different kind of roo shooting hey David……much more politically correct.

  4. I like the symmetry of the image great stuff David!

  5. Hodgy, yes I think he should offer as a long term demo!

    Raylene, yes very different!

    Leigh I could see the two roos coming together so I just waited. The big fella in the background tops it off.

    Cheers for stopping by all!

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