Weddings, trips and bikes

Well I am sitting here in Perth about to photograph a wedding this arvo. Weather looks great and all should be good as long as I don’t get lost!

Then for more exciting news next Saturday I am flying to Sydney to grab my new bike and ride it home! Quick itinerary.

Saturday travel to Perth. Fly to Sydney.

Sunday taxi to the place were the bike is, a BMW R1200GS, the Long Way Down bike!

Ride in two days down the coast road to Melbourne a distance of 1000km.

Meet my mates Syd and Dawn in Melbourne.

Ride back across the country a total distance of around 4000km.

I wont have my MacBook with me but look out for posts a a couple of weeks.


~ by David Sobik on April 9, 2010.

16 Responses to “Weddings, trips and bikes”

  1. Oh, the life of the single rich guy. lol

  2. Good luck with it. Hope to see some great shots when you come back.

    • Thanks Leigh, time will be tight, be a lot of snap shots I would think. Although will pull up by 4 each day so opportunity then.

      Cheers mate, watch those lions in Africa!


  3. I think Jealous comes to mind lol.

  4. Goodluck and have a safe trip, will be waiting to see great pics from your trip.

  5. Brett, cheers mate sure going to be a bit of an adventure for sure. I am very excited about it for sure.

    Hi Jodie, yes I want to capture some great images, time will be against me a bit but I am sure I will come back with something.
    Like Ewan McGregor said in Long Way Round he comes back with 350 photos of his bike with a slightly different background!

  6. Good luck and have a safe trip. When you get back I will be about to set of on my treck through WA.

  7. Can`t wait too see s the images of your trip cuz,oh and have a safe trip home….

  8. Hi David, Just came across your blog through christians, best of luck on the trip and i cant wait to see the images you get. should be amazing. Make sure you soak it all in and enjoy it 🙂 cheers, Matt

    • Hello Matt, thanks for stopping by! Yes I plan to. WIll stop at 4 each day so should get a few good images. Taking my HD video as well. Will be putting something together for my blog when I get home and if I can sit down again!

      Cheers mate

  9. you should shoot a documentary!! haha, ride carefully, especially if you encounter any weather like we are having now. Sounds like fun, ah it’s the life hey!

  10. Hi David, I was wondering where the pics of the Meola wedding are, Pam said some would be up on your site by now.
    Pams mum Dianne

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