Wedding of Pam and Morrie

What a great day! Pam looked just fantastic, don’t you agree? Morrie scrubbed up pretty good as well. I had a very enjoyable day, I did get a bit lost, only by a couple of houses thought!

The weather was very kind and a fantastic reception was held out at the Swan Valley. A few crazy games were had!

Thank you Pamela and Morrie for allowing me to be your photographer. Enjoy your images here, just a little sneak peak!

Click on image to enlarge!




~ by David Sobik on April 14, 2010.

9 Responses to “Wedding of Pam and Morrie”

  1. Awesome, David!!!! Love them all.

    • Thanks Maryanne! And thanks again for the accommodation! Great day for sure.
      I will have to work on the rest once I am home.

      Will keep in touch.


  2. Great work well done, I think they were all great too.

    • Thanks Jodie, my best part of a wedding day is the brides prep. I love the image of Pam’s daughters hands helping do the dress up.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Got some good shots there David.

  4. David, we absolutely love them!!! You are a fantastic photographer! We cant wait to see the rest!!
    Pam and Moz. xxx
    (from Bali)

    • Hello Pam and Morrie! Glad you love them. It was a great day for sure. I am off on my trip tomorrow but will be right onto them when i return.

      Enjoy your honeymoon.

      Have fun!!!!


  5. Wow, beautiful to see, what a find…do you have any photos of Morrie with his daughter Shelby?

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