Sydney to Albany on a BMW R1200GS

Well here are just a few images from my trip. Unfortunately time was very limited and photography was kind of second to the ride. There are so much to photograph on the East coast I will be going back.

I travelled a total distance of 4650km here are a few points of interest I can remember.

Both Sydney and Melbourne nasty traffic get me the hell out of there.

The Great Ocean Road is the BEST road I have ever ridden on. Very much like NZ or Tassie, just fantastic.

Easy coast from Sydney to Eden is just breath taking.

Speed cameras every where.

Noticed, 7 dead wombats, 7 people push biking across Eyre Highway, saw 1 emu, 1 cop!, 1 dead goat, 1 live pig (no, not in a patrol car), fuel 1.87 along Nualbour, chicken farms in SA STINK like bad, dry as a wooden god in SA and most of Vic, NSW green and lush, heated grips are great in fog and cold, people always come up and ask about the bike, red wine in SA makes you a little seedy next day, roads are far far better than the goat tracks in WA, a pie that was frozen in Sydney, trucked cross country, heated up, frozen, heated again, left to cool and heated and sold to my mate Syd makes him crook, best meal at Balladonia road house, time goes too fast, did not see any kangaroos!!!, chopper ride at 12 Apostles very good,here are a few images. More will surface!

Click to enlarge!

Cheers guys


~ by David Sobik on April 28, 2010.

8 Responses to “Sydney to Albany on a BMW R1200GS”

  1. Hey David, Sounds like you had a super fantastic time. Great photos, love the top three especially the middle one. What an awesome experience, looking forward to traveling over that way oneday but probably in the Prado towing a camper……lol When we drove over to Adelaide we seen bugger all kangaroos also, only a few at night. Glad you made it home safely!!

    • Thanks Maryanne. I loved Adelaide, it was the best part of SA for sure. Yeah I wonder were all the roos are?

      The Great Ocean Road must be seen. Just brilliant. I also really like the east coast of NSW. Around Eden was magic. I could see myself living there.

      Great fun on a bike. Back to normal now though!

  2. Geeze Dave that 3rd shot is a real gem!

  3. Great shots Dave.

    Nice looking Bike and plenty of boxes to keep the camera gear.

    Is it a new one ?

    • Thanks Merv! Yes shes a great bike or sure. Its a 2006 model. Just looking today with Leigh Diprose to attah my Pellican cas to it.


  4. Looks like you had some fun riding over……did you end up with a case on Monkey Butt??

    • Ha funny did think of taking some anti monkey butt powder! Got me an air hawk seat cushion in Adelaide, they work mint!

      Cheers Jamie

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