Old School

I recon these were the days. A lot of young fellas would say no way man but they get all excited when brand X changes the grafix on the 2010 model. Back here in the 80’s new models were just so much better than the old. More power, why yes sir we have made the motor bigger. Air cooled monsters that  real men with flano shirts and not boys with their hair straightened and nice shoes and their undies hanging out of their pants not only could start them but could ride them. When we all would line the start gate at Manji to hear the roar of open class 2 strokes.

Interesting to note however is that these big 480 and 490cc 2 stroke monsters were way way quieter than the 450 4 strokes. MMMM have we come a long way???

Here a RM400 takes a CR480, left hand kick start too!



~ by David Sobik on June 7, 2010.

6 Responses to “Old School”

  1. Nice image David,These older bikes where great to see in action and they seem to be very photogenic.

  2. must of been good to take the big lens

  3. What an awesome photo!!!

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