This one is for Jamie. He suggested one with more reflection so I drove back out, found the same bird, paid it off with bulk  $$$$$ and reset the scene.

Well enough BS same bird but just a 100th of a second later. Love the wing tip just off the water.

Shot with my Nikon D2Xs, 600mm AF-S II 400ISO at 1/5000 second at f4.

It was almost dark but the light was just skimming above the water, once he landed he/she was in the shadow of the hills.

Have a good week!



~ by David Sobik on June 27, 2010.

8 Responses to “Reflections”

  1. David this image in my option is the better out of the two. More reflection is a good thing.
    Can you pay the bird anymore to get the reflection of its head in the water? hehehe

    You have inspired me to get a reflection…will have one for you tomorrow evening!

  2. Hi Leigh, will see how much he want’s!

    Funny how this image came about, was standing talking to this old digger who gave me a can of whisky and as we were chatting the bird flew in, swung around and bam bam bam, got about 10 of him.

    Thanks for the comments Leigh, will keep an eye out for yours!


  3. I like the light reflected back onto the bird from the water – very nicely captured.

    Psst – how much did you have to pay him?

  4. Very nice David!

  5. Awesome image indeed David might have to get out and get me some now :).

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