Karijini here I come!

Karijini has been a place I have wanted to go to for a while now. Seeing the great images out of there of the area I just have to go and try it for myself! 

Its been all go in the shed of most nights getting the mighty BMW R1200GS ready, as I am going on the bike.

Finding spots for camera gear and camping stuff was easier than I thought, all going on quite well. I have some new Touratech panniers coming, so gear storage will be a sinch. Grabbed a little HP Netbook and HDD for photo backup. The MBP just too big to find a spot on the GS.

At this stage I am riding up with a guy from here but if there is anyone interested in catching up up there drop me a email and I will let you know when I will be there. davidsobikphotography@westnet.com.au

I will be staying at the Karijini Eco Resort.

Cheers guys



~ by David Sobik on July 13, 2010.

9 Responses to “Karijini here I come!”

  1. You are going to looooooooovvvvvvee it up there mate there are so many places to see and shoot its crazy. Ride safe and watch out for the boogy man up there lol :). Oh nice image above to mate.

    • Cheers Brett! Counting down the days! Is there any anti boogy man spray one can buy??

      • Yeah not sure it helps out with the boogy man but I would advize on insect relent and shizel load of it to keep the sand flies away because they are pretty bad up there but other than that just enjoy :).

  2. Yep have the bushman packed!

  3. Hey David, hope you have a great ride up north. I’m heading up that way on Wednesday, heading up to Indee Station for the Indee 500 Desert Race. I’m shooting as well as riding the track. Was thinking of dropping in to Karijini for a night. Travelling up with the old boy and will be camping a couple nights on the way back.

    • Fantastic Jamie, yes one of our guys from here was going but he broke his foot on a trail ride last week!

      Have a great time and a safe one, look forward to the images.

      Cheers mate

      • Will do mate……looking forward to it!! I shot this same event last year, which ended up being my first full feature shoot for ADB Mag!! So now I’m hoping to start doing more of the riding/shooting gig!! Just got a new Kata Bumblebee 210 for the job, room for the Camelback Bladder in the laptop compartment, as well as the D3, three lenses, flash unit, battery packs and pocket wizards. I’m just hoping to have a fun ride as well as some good images!!

  4. Wow,that sounds awesome David!! I’m sure you will have a fantastic time. Looking forward to seeing some great photos. Safe travelling!!!!

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