Little Boat Harbour

I photographed a wedding here years ago but for the life of me could not find this beach again. Make sense some days can’t remember my name.

Any way found it again when I was out here on the R1200GS. What a great spot.

Two old mates were fishing, nice arvo light, nasty storms coming in though. Poured all night. My tent is water proof!

Cheers guys thanks for stopping by.


~ by David Sobik on July 21, 2010.

11 Responses to “Little Boat Harbour”

  1. Very nice area indeed I love it down there and will be traveling down that way again soon to hunt down some images thats for sure and great image David :).

    • Thanks Brett, mate if your keen give me a buzz and we can do a weekend shoot down there some time. Great food at the Resort as well!

      • David sounds like a great idea to me will be in touch on that one for sure I have never stayed at the resort though but sounds great good food is the key :).

  2. Nice image David

  3. nice shot, I’m unsure where this place is.

  4. Bremmer bay is a bit of a gem, I want to get back there to get some better shots. Nice work David

  5. Great shot David!! Love Bremer, spent alot of time down there during my teenage years and when the kids were little. Little Boat Harbour is one of our most fav spots there, especially for the kids.

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