Here is a photo of one of my fellow paint ballers Ben Starkey who was tragically taken from us too soon in a road collision last Friday. Ben lived life to the maximum. He was the kind of guy who was always full of enthusiasm in everything he did.

Out at paint ball he would have the punters all fired up and played with such vigour and just plain full on flat out fun. He ran every place on the field, never stopped for a second. One game he ran out of gas in his marker and was reported to be emptying the paintballs into his hand and throwing them and the opposition. Never give up.

Often I would run into guys that had played with us and the first thing they would ask is hey your play with that Starky guy! Yes I did.

Ben played with the team from Albany, Southern Storm, in comps in Perth and always had a huge and exciting story to tell on how he was pinned down but shot like crazy and still managed to get the other team. He proudly showed off any trophies he had won at these events.

Ben will be missed in the paint ball rounds, and we will miss his plain on excitement with anything new he had got for the game.

Rest in peace mate.

Ben was 26.


~ by David Sobik on August 4, 2010.

15 Responses to “Starks”

  1. Sorry to hear about the loss mate. We definitely lose too many people on our roads.

  2. Losing a mate is always hard, glad to hear he lived life to the fullest.

  3. Cheers Tim, the local paper even had a story on Ben.

  4. Shame to die so young, very tragic news mate.

  5. Oh how awesome to find this tribute to my son Big Ben!…Im just sitting here at the computer unable to sleep…looking for anything on my full of beans flat out boy. From my heart thank you a beautiful picture and a beautiful tribute…”Too Lovely!” cheers Starks Mum

    • Hello Michelle, Ben was a top bloke and we were all very numb of the news. However he will live on every time we head out to paintball and have a game.

      I am glad you found my blog. At first i was a little hesitant on putting up the post but as you can see by the comments from people all over the country Ben’s life will be remembered by a lot of different people, some he never met.


  6. Sorry to hear about your loss mate.

  7. It is sad to lose someone. So many young people are losing their life on the roads these days. I found out the other day someone I sort of new was killed in a car accident near Pinjarra, it was a very bad accident. Always remember the good times as it helps with the healing and grief.

  8. David I saw you at Bens Funeral but didnt get a chance to talk with you…Wasnt it just awesome all the wonderful support for Tammie first and foremost and then myself. Can I contact you via phone or email direct? thank you so much for attending it so much helps to see such good people around at those times. kind regards Michelle/Sue

  9. Sorry to hear this, so many lost on our roads. Ive been first on the scene at a car crash while at work before and it really opens your eyes to the dangers on the road today. Lucky for me that accident had a better ending so I don’t have the recurring images in my head. I feel very sorry for this persons family and friends left behind . This is a nice tribute. Its sounds as if he lived his life to the fullest and had great mates who will always keep his memory alive.


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