Canola at The Stirlings

I had not ridden the BMW for a week and thought I would get out into this stuff before to was too late. As I rode down a gravel back road I spotted a car parked at the end with another photographer doing the same thing. As I got close it turned out to be be Chris, on of my mates, coffee supplier and fellow bloggie! So it was great shooting with Chris and his wife, check his blog and there should be something  up.

Happy fathers day guys as well!



~ by David Sobik on September 5, 2010.

6 Responses to “Canola at The Stirlings”

  1. Love that yellow the canola brings out David I am going to have to get down there as soon as I can before it all goes, great contrast for the image indeed mate 🙂

    • Hey cheers Brett. This is the best crop I have seen to date.Most of the guys have had a terrible season with some even spraying the crops or feeding it to sheep.

      I am working on another angle now, this time with a bit of wheat.


  2. Winner mate. You have to take me there one day!

  3. The canola looks fantastic. Having the ranges in the background and the beautiful colours of the sky and clouds really top the photo off. Great shot David!! 🙂

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