Angry bird

As the first landing party got to Cheyne Island old mate fisherman who was there said beware of the red beaked bird. What bird?

Any way as we walked around the island this fellow was going bonkers. I am not sure if he was looking out for its young as there were a flock of silver gulls also going nuts. Reminded me of the movie The Birds.

Shot this with the 17-55mm at around the wide end, thats how close he was to me. So we took the message and left them to their squabble.


~ by David Sobik on September 29, 2010.

3 Responses to “Angry bird”

  1. It’s a beaut shot – I like the movement in his wings. He does look very agitated!

  2. The blur works well with the picture. Good shot.

  3. Thanks guys!

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