Wittenoom Hills

I have been sitting on this image for a week now unsure what to do with it. Captured on the road to the old mine at Wittenoom. I grunge d it up a bit. i like it, I think!

Any way started on the mac in office and finished it off on the Mac Book Pro sitting in the lounge! I was rather impressed how CS5 keeps the highlights together in the clouds.

Have a great weekend guys, see what I can i do over the weekend!


~ by David Sobik on October 8, 2010.

8 Responses to “Wittenoom Hills”

  1. David I really like the image that you have created. I need to pick your brain. How do you get the sky like that? Did you use a circ pol or is it just sheer photoshop wizardry?

  2. amazing landscape and a great image. I could do with a trip up that way right now. Got drenched shooting a wedding yesterday and almost froze but fried the day before when we had 30C. Albany weather, never boring hey 🙂

  3. Awesome shot David….your still my favorite photographer..lol. Just thought Id drop by and have a peep..as always loving your photos. smiles Michelle…hope you didnt drink it all at once….lol

    • Hey Michelle nice to hear from you! Thanks for the nice comments. Well not all at once but did enjoy some with my brother who also knew Ben, so that was nice.


  4. Great shot David, the sky looks awesome!! 🙂

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