Rebekah & Russell Pre Wedding shoot

As Rebekah and Russell live in Sydney I took the opportunity to grab them for a quick pre wedding shoot the other night. A very windy evening at the beach made things a bit blowy but you guys were great to work with making my job easy!

Their wedding is next week at one of my favourite venues, and I look forward to the day very much.

Thanks guys again for making the time available.  Here is a little peek!


~ by David Sobik on January 7, 2011.

9 Responses to “Rebekah & Russell Pre Wedding shoot”

  1. these are beautiful
    you captured the love ❤

  2. Those are very beautiful!! A very nice array!
    Good luck at the wedding mate!

  3. A nice set of images mate love the different B&W processing to eh 🙂

    • Thanks Brett! The bottom right image I dodged a fair bit in the highlights and it gave it that funky burnt sepia effect.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      • Your always welcome mate love dropping by and looking through your images eh.
        I have my first wedding shoot this weekend sorta really looking forward to it but nervous all the same I guess lol.
        Will put some images up for all to see straight away to 🙂 oh and thanks for the tips before to mate.

  4. Beautiful photo’s David!!They are a gorgeous couple.Can’t wait for the wedding!

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