Blue Wrens, times 3

On the way to the markets last week my Dad said he had seen a few wrens at a spot they were at last week. So one night this week I trundled out there armed with the Nikon, 600mm and patients.

Like clock work the female showed up followed by these chaps. At one stage they were too close for the six hunge as it only focuses down to about 5 meters. Light was fading cranked the D3s up to 3200 ISO. Noise????? That’s what my Hilux makes from most parts of its ageing body!

If your serious about low light or moving subjects high ISO is the go. Shot in RAW and just tickled a touch in CS5.

I met another photographer from Perth, if you find my blog hello!

Cheers guys, wedding this weekend.



~ by David Sobik on January 13, 2011.

18 Responses to “Blue Wrens, times 3”

  1. Very nice combination of photos David..I never get tied of looking at Blue Wrens..cheers John

  2. I was keeping an eye out for these when we were down that way a couple of weeks ago and damed if i could find one.

    Only time i’ve ever seen them is when i didn’t have a camera with me.

    • Hi Merv, yeah I recon its a bit like fishing, there is a fine line between standing on a beach with a rod looking like an idiot and getting fish!

      Cheers for stopping by.

  3. love wrens

    find it useful to use 3200 on my 50D and it actually is not that noisy if exposed right

    Nice shots, wish I could see bigger versions

  4. Nice shots David, they look great!

  5. really nice series of photos david

  6. I love these birds. My pick of the three shots is the one of the right, for some reason.

  7. Lovely, David. those are excellent! I’ve never seen Fairy Wrens 🙂
    Good luck with the wedding!

    • Thanks Michael! I wish we had those wood peckers like you have over here.

      Looking forward to the morning, meeting the girls early at the hairdressers.

      Have a great weekend.

  8. Wrens….seems like I might have to get out and get me some wrens!
    If only I had a 600mm!

  9. Not normally into bird pics but I love the way you have set these pics up, looks great!

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