Human Statue

Inspired by one the blogs I follow, Journey Photographic who captures some amazing images from around the world, including lots of street scenes, these guys were performing at the Denmark Art Markets that I attended  once again today.

Lucky for me my Dad spotted them and showed me a couple of images he took on his N95. So as I was walking by the only camera I had was my iPhone 4. Not bad hey!

Great to get so much positive feed back at the markets, and don’t forget to check out Sam Clark’s work as well. Sam also was selling her images there.

Cheers guys. Click to enlarge!




~ by David Sobik on January 23, 2011.

8 Responses to “Human Statue”

  1. Good to see something from real life David.
    Do you mind if I drop by on the 19 & 20th of Feb. I would love to catch up and see this horse named “Nik”

    • Thanks Leigh, I have a wedding on the Saturday. Yes the horse loves a diet of low light and high contrast! Sunday at this stage I am not quite sure, might have a job on, will advise.


  2. Thanks David! Buskers are wonderful subjects, aren’t they?

    I love the top one – the expression of the girl, with the performers towering over her…

  3. interesting shots david, i like the first one it has so much intrigue

  4. Lovely work David, the camera is secondary to the photographer, I think making good use of the “camera” at hand is great!!!
    JP impresses me very much and I am glad we follow it together, the world really is a small place 🙂

    • Thanks heaps Michael! Yes I do think the best camera money can buy is the one you have with you.

      I love JP’s work. One day who knows the three of us might meet up for a shoot over your way. Never say never!

      Cheers Michael.

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