Eden NSW

Last April I flew from one side of Australia to the other to buy a used motorcycle and then to ride it the 4000 odd km’s home. At one stage I had a what the heck am I doing moment but I am so glad I did it. You see and experience so much more on a bike.

This is a town on the east coast called Eden.  A very pretty fishing town with photo opportunities at every turn. This year I am yet to decide on my holiday spot, so many places to visit!

Cheers guys.

Click to enlarge!


~ by David Sobik on January 24, 2011.

12 Responses to “Eden NSW”

  1. Holidays are a great thing indeed David and this place looks like it could be an image mecca hmm by the sea getting some long exposures or a sunset what more can a photog want eh mate 🙂 nice image to mate.

  2. Wonderful blues! A motorbike ride across Australia must have been an incredible experience.

    • That it was JP. A great thing on doing it on a bike is that people always come up and talk to you. Looking forward to my next adventure for sure!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Now that’s a beautiful scene!!! lovely work David, lovely! Need to find out how much to vacation in Australia and then go play the lotto!

  4. eden is a good town, we’ve visited there when staying at Mallacoota (Victoria)

    geat shot

  5. lovely shot, looks a nice place

  6. Cool shot, would make a great postcard picture…..love the brightness of it. 🙂

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