Russ and Bek

I spent today doing the final edit of Rebekah and Russell’s wedding images and this one stood out. So I thought I would post it!

Off to Fitzies for printing now.

As always click to enlarge!


~ by David Sobik on January 30, 2011.

18 Responses to “Russ and Bek”

  1. Nicely done David…..good job. Bet you’re loving the D3s!! You know anyone who is looking for a 200-400?

    • Thanks Jamie. Mate that D3s has opened up my wedding and portrait work like I would have never even dreamed of.

      Will keep and ear to the ground for you.

      Cheers Jamie.

  2. nice shot, who did you say does your printing

  3. Very nice indeed mate don’t you love that clarity out of the Nikon eh :).

    • Thanks Brett. Mate these Nikons are just unreal. The 24-70 is almost too sharp, in fact I quite often are dropping the clarity slider down a bit.

      This was shot at 2000 ISO as well.

      Cheers mate.

  4. Gorgeous!

  5. Fitzgeralds? An Albany company? The 24-70 F2.8L in the canon is a lens I REALLY want. would be great for weddings and I hope I can save for one before October as I have a wedding up in swan valley, should be nice, getting paid to do the wedding and they are putting me and hubby (my backup photographer) up in a hotel as well. But I really want that 24-70 F2.8L

  6. nice processing mate, I like it, but where is the skip bin!!

  7. Wonderful shot – they must be very happy with them 🙂

  8. Excellent shot David, this one has everything, character, crispness… The setting is impressive, didn’t think you could get a bride with her nice new wedding dress into places like that! 🙂

    • Hello Michael, thanks mate for you nice comments. It is rather impressive where you can coax the bride! Moments before we were clambering down some rocks in the bush!

      More this weekend!


  9. Beautiful photo!!!

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