Pre wedding sneak of Kareena and Corey

This Saturday I will be shooting Kareena Young and Corey Smarts wedding. Kareena was a bridesmaid in a wedding I shot about 11 years ago and her bride back then is one of Kareena’s bridesmaids on Saturday! It will be good to see Janelle again.

Look out for some wedding day images early next week.

Cheers guys.

Nikon D3s, 24-70 f2.8


~ by David Sobik on February 16, 2011.

11 Responses to “Pre wedding sneak of Kareena and Corey”

  1. Wow mate look at that colour sharpness mmmmmm I love Nikons eh ain’t it grand to be a D3S owner mate.
    Nice shot too by the way mate 🙂

  2. Hey cheers Brett, mate these Nikons blow anything out of the water for sure! I actually back off the sharpness in some images, a little too good!

    • Mate I learnt a new tech on the Australia day trip for sharpening it uses a mask but channel as well and blows any other sharpening tech away really good eh Nick Rains that man is unreal indeed the tech just sharpens where you want it and really makes a difference hey.

  3. Nah I will tell you its easy but hard to explain eh it uses calculations in the image menu I will post it up perhaps soon 🙂 I have made it an action hehehe.

  4. Love that backdrop – the colours and textures are fantastic.

  5. Nice shot! Love the wooden stairs there… good luck with the wedding! 🙂

  6. Great photo David 🙂

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