Wedding of Kareena Young & Corey Smart

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing Kareena Young and Corey Smart’s wedding here in Albany. What a lovely day. I started with the girls at the hairdressers, no hope for me, the continued to Kareena’s parents home and off to the ceremony.

Dymesbury Nature Park looked a million dollars after the rain this summer. Kareena was radiant and Corey scrubbed up OK too! Later that evening I attended the reception out at Princess Royal Sailing Club where local band Big Men Working had the bridal party and guests rocking!

Kareena and Corey delivered a great speech together that had the guests laughing and cheering.

Once agin the Nikon D3s performed faultless. The image of Big Men Working was shot at 25600 ISO with very little NR.

As always click to enlarge!

Cheers guys.


~ by David Sobik on February 20, 2011.

10 Responses to “Wedding of Kareena Young & Corey Smart”

  1. Very nice work indeed yet again mate love that image of the guitar player at high ISO hard to find any noise in it at all eh πŸ™‚ oh wait a minute D3S at it again πŸ˜‰

    • Yes Brett the D3s is king of this kinda photography. Anything else atm is pretending!

      I also love how the white balance just nails it every single time, any light any condition.

      This was a great wedding Brett I stayed until 10:30, Big Men Working are just brilliant!

      Thanks for stopping by. I have another wedding this Saturday, she’s busy!

  2. nice work, funny thing is I did a wedding there last year and took a shot of the guys near that old wooden pump or whatever it is that looks almost the same πŸ™‚ also the old gate was a great prop too. lovely spot to get married

  3. Lovely set of images of the day.

  4. Very nice! And that is great quality for 25600 ISO!

  5. Excellent stuff!!!! You really give me ideas about this type of photography, I like the small things that make for great memories!!!

    • Thanks Michael! Yes indeed I love the small details. These little things have needed somebody to think about it, go out a get it and use it. They are frightfully important!

      Cheers mate.

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