A day with Bloggers

Today Leigh Diprose, Andrew Hassell and mate Steven Hurley and I took a quick run out to sharp point. the boys went bush with many scratches and maybe roo tics but Steven and I took it easy driving around and staying put. Generally most of the images I took were crap apart from these next few I pulled something out of nothing.

Cheers guys thanks for the entertainment!


~ by David Sobik on May 28, 2011.

6 Responses to “A day with Bloggers”

  1. My goodness! Surely the D3s pulled off a good shot of Albany at Sharp point??? Maybe you should have bought a Canon! hehehe
    Cheers for a great day mate I had a ball! Very sore and scratched up though.

    • Good to see you home safe Leigh. Mate this image was black through the scrub part, 3 image stitch amazing how much I recovered in the fore ground. Sky looks pretty cool though.
      Good to catch up again Leigh.


  2. Awesome job David – can’t wait to see how the other fellas interpretted it! But what’s with the “boy’s club”?? Didnt you blokes think the chicks could handle the rugged manly terrain?!?

    • Hello Krysta, yes a lot of testosterone floating around! I took off with Steven in his ute in one direction and we picked Leigh up in the dark walking along the track after he had smashed through the scrub! Andrew was back, calm and relaxed.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Great clouds!

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