Rams in the rain

This one is for Merv!

Today I photographed my good friend’s stock for their new website. From previous attempts I knew I would need the 600mm. Sheep tend to run away when your buzzing around them looking for the best light. Anyway just at the end of the session it started to pour down, lucky the six hunge if relatively shower proof! These rams were in no mood to pull apart from each other for a nice shot but then again I like this one!

Cheers guys, and click to enlarge.


Nikon D3s, ISO1000 600mm AF-S F4 at 1/320 second f5.0


~ by David Sobik on July 31, 2011.

2 Responses to “Rams in the rain”

  1. I had to read this twice Dave.

    I thought it said “Today I photographed my good friends” , didn’t know you were a kiwi !! 🙂

    These are the sort of sheep shearers kill for. Bare heads , bare legs, open wool, you can whizz over these pretty quick, if you can get them to sit still. They tend to wriggle around a lot and take some hanging on too.

    Sheep are fun to photograph, but then all livestock are.

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