Holy cow! A blog post!! It rained all morning out at paintball so the group I was going to referee cancelled so we sat in the shed servicing markers all morning. Got home loaded up the Grand Cherokee and did bulk miles on some really cool muddy roads and got home about 6:30 with a hand full of good images. Terrific to get out and use the D3s again. Need to wash the car now!


~ by David Sobik on September 18, 2011.

7 Responses to “Stirlings-Canola-Shed”

  1. Love the colours in this – it just screams ‘summer’ to me.

    • Hello JP, great to hear from you! Thanks heaps, I have been sooo slack on my blogging, got to do the rounds. Always check you images even if it just on the email. looks like you have been busy flying around the place!

  2. Awesome shot David! We got rained out in Bremer today too!

    While you’re washing your Grand Cherokee, you can do mine 🙂
    Took your advice and went for the diesel.

    • I heard you got the diesel. I wish I did. Just lacks it in the hills but still goes hard any way!
      We must go for a cruise together for added impact!

      Cheers for stopping by Trina, working on another one now.

  3. Nice Dave, it’s good to see the farmers are having a good year.

    • Hi Ben, yes mate looking pretty good down here. Nice drop of rain again today so the farmers should be in for a bumper crop. We need it Albany is running very slow ATM.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Nice Image David,The farmers should be having a great year!!

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