Virga around Albany

Virga. Yes I spelt it correct. Virga is rain that does not hit the ground. There was a lot around this morning, and after a week of being cooped up in my office I jumped on the bike and went a searching for some.

The sky was plenty funky and stormy looking for sure. A nine image stitch hand held from the D3s. Although 8 images is better as I lost a bit for the 3×1 crop.

You know I did not even take my helmet off. One camera and one lens, thats it simplify your kit guys sure its nice to have it all but do you need to take it all all of the time?

Cheers guys, enjoy whats left of your Sunday.

Click to enlarge.


~ by David Sobik on October 16, 2011.

4 Responses to “Virga around Albany”

  1. Nice David… love that sky! Is the cloud on the left natural, or is that something to do with the stitch?
    I was out at Whale World teaching some kids from the Naturalists Club all about wildlife photography. Some budding young photographers in the makings. Connor had my Canon with 100-400 on for the day… thinks I should pass it on to him!

  2. Insane sky David. Really nice shot. Never heard the term Virga before, kinda read it wrong the first time and thought you may have been posting something a little too personal 🙂

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