Wedding of Bec and Neil

To show you guys a few different wedding images I thought I would post these up. The brides preparation is my favourite time to photograph as there is so much going on and I like to capture the little things that happen.

I have been shooting weddings for, I don’t know I think well over 15 years, and this is still my best time at one. The girls and I have fun and its strictly a no guy zone…apart from me!

Cheers guys, click to enlarge.


~ by David Sobik on October 25, 2011.

7 Responses to “Wedding of Bec and Neil”

  1. All very nice, will we get to see the bride and groom? , I just finishing editing my last wedding. Yayeee.

  2. These are all gorgeous shots David. I love seeing the little details.

  3. Cheers Julie and Katrina!

  4. I always love looking at the ‘little detail’ shots from weddings – they really show how much thought and planning goes into the whole thing.

    • Hello JP. Yes I agree 100% I am sure sometimes the girls must think what in the heck is he doing!! But they always appreciate the images later.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Very nice photos!

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