Nikon S8100

I have been looking around for a new point and shoot for a while and strongly considered the Fuji X100 or X10, but although great cameras this addition is to just be a small shooter for snap shot here and there. As luck would have it Leigh gave me the heads up that good old Harveys has a two for one offer this weekend and mate of mine Steven was also looking at a new P & S. So we queued at the door and grabbed two Nikon S8100‘s for half price! Just the ticket when out on the bike, at shoots or family gatherings.

Here is a quick snap of one of my ducks!


~ by David Sobik on October 28, 2011.

2 Responses to “Nikon S8100”

  1. I am considering the X100 and have heard great things about it.

    Lucky this guy is cheap to feed so you afford to add to all that camera gear….maybe a Canon or two 😉

  2. been pondering X100 (but cant imagine the fixed focal) X10 looks great, G12 good to plus the sony Nex5 and a few others. given up thinking about it for now, think I will just stick with my DSLRs

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