I captured this nice portrait of friends daughter playing her guitar. I love these shots down the neck of the guitar.

Shot this with my ever trusty Nikon. Yeah D3s hear it all before, um wait, hang on, look at the tag line. Took this with my new compact little Nikon S8100. I can tell you this is proving one hell of a handy point and shoot. Even does super slow motion video at 120 frames a second!

Take you camera every where you go. If you DSLR id too big and painful go grab one of the new generation compacts. The Nikon S8100 or Canon S95 put it in you pocket, get it out  and shoot!

Cheers guys, click to enlarge!


~ by David Sobik on November 3, 2011.

7 Responses to “Guitar”

  1. This is a great perspective. I have my little LX-5, and it goes everywhere I go these days!

  2. nice shot, I was considering the fuji X100 but its a bit pricey and the fixed focal might not be my thing, however the canon G12 is cheap to obtain and has an optical viewfinder (not a great one but has one anyway) and a terrific flippy screen, maybe I will bite the bullet and upgrade from my old G6

  3. Nice feel to this shot David. Just a question, what is the white shape at the end of the guitar? Not sure if it is pertinent to the shot, but it is distracting me. JMHO though 🙂

    • Hi Tina funny you should mention that! Kizzys Dad asked the same thing. It’s a sheet of music I think should have paid more attention!
      How’s the Jeep going?

      • Jeep is going great apart from a wee battery problem. Went over seas for 2 and a half weeks and came back in at 2.30am….car dead, very dead!!
        Apparently, according to Jeep, that is normal for cars to do that when sitting for long periods of time.
        I did tell him he was pretty much full of excrement! They are now looking into it for us 🙂

  4. Yes that he is! My XR8 used to go doughy about 3 weeks of non use. I would say that battery is not quite OK. They will sort it out.
    I am going to get one of those little jumper packs you can buy at Auto one as I have my fridge in the back sometimes and although it only runs when the key is on for about $80 its cheap insurance!

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