Beach, Fuji X10

I think a lot of people will buy a Fuji X10 as their holiday camera. In this test I shot a typical summer holiday scene. The Fuji X10 captured it very well indeed.

One again shot in Velvia mode. I enjoy the saturated skies that velvia gives you.

Cheers guys.


~ by David Sobik on December 3, 2011.

13 Responses to “Beach, Fuji X10”

  1. Looks pretty good, I am very interested in the X100 but cant keep spending the way I am LOL. That said Im getting stunning results from my canon G12

    • Hi Julie, thanks for commenting. I did consider the G12 as well. Mighty camera for sure, I have used an X100 for and loved it. You soon get used to the fixed lens and the hybrid view finder is just brilliant!

  2. Gorgeous David, you must have found some sheltered beaches!

  3. David did you shoot the X100 in jpegs, I like the idea of a camera I can just shoot great jpegs in and get great images, Im told X100 jpegs are very god. G12 is great but I have to shoot in RAW to get decent shots, would love to just have something with great jpegs

    • hi Julie, yes I shot the X100 in jpg a fair bit. Honestly IMO I feel that these sort of cameras although shoot RAW the whole idea for me any way is to have a smaller camera with no fuss and bother to capture great day to day shots. And yes the X100 and the X10 do take great jpgs. No mucking around, shoot , print and put them in an album on your coffee table for people to look at and enjoy. Once again I was a fan of velvia in the X100, gave nice results.


  4. I meant to say X100 was very GOOD not God LOL

  5. never mind, I gave in and got the X100 today 🙂

  6. A classic holiday scene!

  7. This picture has a stark contrast to your other test shot but nonetheless a captivating scene.

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