Sitting Bull, Fuji X10

Popped out this afternoon with Steven and Kizzy and watched the start of this yacht race. Luck this one was close enough for the 4x zoom on the Fuji X10.

1/850 sec f 6.4 ISO 200 112mm (eqv) shot in Velvia film simulation.

Click to enlarge.

Cheers guys



~ by David Sobik on December 3, 2011.

3 Responses to “Sitting Bull, Fuji X10”

  1. That seems to be a great little camera David! Nice shot!

    • So far Tina very impressed with it! A couple of things need improving I feel but its compact and images are tack sharp. Its VERY refreshing just to smash a vignette and web sharpen a image for the blog!

      And the traffic to my blog is unreal too boot!!!

      Cheers Tina, have a nice Sunday!

  2. Good shot – small camera big results !

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