Sunset Fuji X10

One thing I have noticed both with the Fuji X10 and the Nikon S8100 compact is that you can shoot into the sun with reasonable results. Its like the manufactures know that the enthusiast will do this. Shooting into the sun with my Nikon D3s is not as easy!

Here I have a 5 image stitch with the Fuji X10, hand held, worked in CS5 and Lightroom.

Cheers guys and Merry Christmas!

Click to enlarge.


~ by David Sobik on December 22, 2011.

3 Responses to “Sunset Fuji X10”

  1. I noticed the X100 is easier than the 5DII as well, lovely image

    • Yes when I had the X100 for a while same thing. Good though I think! I bet your loving that X100! If I did not have nearly $4000 of city rates to pay off I would have one quick smart!!!

  2. yes love it, just so easy to shoot it jpeg, even tried out the three picture styles in one shot to see which one was best. forgot how nice it is to just shoot and upload and maybe just do a crop and that’s it. This camera will be used probably 90%^ of the time when I’m in UK later this year. other 10% will be canon G12 for its zoom capability

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