Denmark Markets with iPhone and Hipstamatic

Today once again Dad and I did the Denmark Art Markets. There was a massive crowd early with strong floor traffic but yet again a bit slow on the sales front. Thats OK its a great day out anyway.

However one visitor to my tent showed me Hipstamatic for the iPhone, in fact there was a lady there selling only images from her iPhone and Hipstamatic. So $1.99 later I had it installed and wondered around grabbing these images. Its very cool, need these presets in Lightroom!

Cheers guys, click to enlarge.


~ by David Sobik on January 7, 2012.

8 Responses to “Denmark Markets with iPhone and Hipstamatic”

  1. I have hipstamatic and about 10 others on the iPhone, just wonder where it will all end, never I suppose.

  2. Awesome job, hav eyou tired instagram?

  3. I’ve got to get around to trying this – this Christmas was the first time I’ve really used the camera in my iPhone, and the convenience is amazing. Hope you had an excellent Christmas and New Year!

  4. Very funky David, they look really cool!! Thanks for the tip, have since got it on my phone and have had fun taking pics of the girls. 🙂

  5. Hi David, So glad to have met you this markets – since i was the ‘lady’ you speak of.. 😉
    I do love the instant gratification with Hipstamatic and all the other camera & editing apps & loved sharing the market day with a fellow passionate photographer. Great Blog friend

    • Hello Saleigh, yes nice to meeet the lady! haha I will see you at the Easter ones if not sooner.

      Oh hope your stall holder next to you is not as grumpy as that one was yesterday!!


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