William Bay Cottages Wedding

Yesterday I received a phone call from mate of mine that owns William Bay Cottages, there is a link to the right for their wonderful cottages, saying that he has a wedding about to start and the Perth photographer is a no show! After a brief chat with Steve the groom I quickly got my camera gear sorted, smashed into my suit and drove the 75km out to William Bay.

I must say that everyone was very relieved that I had arrived and no doubt the Perth photographer will be getting a bit of a chat too this week!

The bride and groom are just lovely people as were the bridal party and in fact all of the people involved! William Bay Cottages is such a nice spot, I urge you to check it out!

Thanks Jenna and Steve I had a great time and it was a absolute pleasure to help you out of a not so pleasant situation!

And great job Laingy your quick thinking saved the day mate!


~ by David Sobik on March 3, 2013.

4 Responses to “William Bay Cottages Wedding”

  1. Stunning photos David! You wouldn’t know you were called in at short notice. I bet the happy couple are thrilled with your work.

  2. Nice work David. Good thing you were there to save the day.

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