Who is David Sobik?

Who is David Sobik. I am very keen photographer who started life with a camera about the age of 8 or 9 when his Nanna brought him his first camera. Started wedding photography at 17, shot heaps of motorsport and the like. I got real serious about 15 years ago with weddings and portraits. Weddings are a big part of my photography.

I love getting up North and shooting landscapes and just recently purchased my dream lens, a Nikon 600mm F4 and now I also love getting out finding birds to photograph.

Last year I met the amazing Christian Fletcher and have been to several of his workshops and constantly look towards his work for inspiration.

Recently bought a very nice Adventure motorbike. The BMW R1200GS. If you have seen Long Way Down, well its one of those. I am loving the freedom of the bike and try to head out on it each weekend with my camera. Extended adventure rides are also planned. Karijin coming up in mid 2010. The ride will be awesome as well the photography.

I have some amazing photographers on my blog roll. We all help each other out and I think its the best move I have done in getting this blog set up.

I am loving they way photography is moving at the moment.

Thanks for stopping by!



11 Responses to “Who is David Sobik?”

  1. Hi David..I have heard your name but not sure where…I have to thank you so very much for your tribute to Ben. As the mum of Ben to come across such a wonderful photo when I least expected it but my grieving heart so much wanting it, was simply awesome!. It took my breath away and tears to my eyes but happy and oh so proud tears.
    I am wondering if you will attend Ben’s funeral on friday 13th?
    Know that you made a Mumma very happy tonight as any and every image of Ben is precious beyond value to me. I have photos of him but not so much of his paint balling times…is there more?
    thank you for that moment in time that you snapped of my son.
    Bens brother is at the same age you were and has a camera he is loving taking pictures as well. I can only wish that his photos will be as wonderful as yours they are all truly interesting. kind regards Michelle

    • Hello Michelle, yes I will be there. I have quite a few photos of Ben. I will get them together and pop them on a disk for you. Its the least I can do.

      Kind regards


  2. Hi David…I have heard of you through Maxine and Graham…I knew i had heard the name. I would love to have more photos of Ben especially from his paintball world which I didnt see or know much about. I would also welcome some pictures of the funeral if you felt comfortable taking them just quietly in the background. It will be wonderful to look back on the day through many a tear. I dont know what the norm is here but Im floundering anyway with what I should do or not do as Ive never had to experience this moment ever in my life and never want to again I can tell you. kind regards Michelle…ps Im also know by a few as Sue but prefer Michelle

  3. Hi Just figured out how to add you to my blogg roll, So I have done that and it worked



  4. Hello David,
    My Name is Kevin and I am new to wordpress and I also, am working on my photography. It has also been a passion of mine, and recently, I purchased my first digital camera. I was looking through your post, as well as some others and I was wondering if you are from Albany New York. I live near that area and was just wondering if you did as well. Wonderful info and pictures! Keep up the awesome work and never forget your passion.


    • Hello Kevin, thanks for your comments and finding my blog!

      Actually I am in Albany Western Australia! It is a small city right on the south coast, check it out on google earth!

      I invite you to keep popping back and having a look Kevin, you can subscribe if you wish and that way you will be notified on new posts.

      Enjoy your new camera, and the best advise I can give you is take it everywhere you go!


  5. Hi David, Just wanted to say hello only to give you a useless piece of info. Whilst typing my own name into google, john sobik, your name came up. I am very interested in photography and I am a portrait artist in scotland. My nephew in poland Piotr Sobik is a pro photographer in poland. You should go on his web site I am very proud of the quality. Anyway keep the sobik flag waving. johnsobik@gmail.com

    • Hello John. Welcome. Yes I too have come across his work. My dads name is also John! We are the only only Sobik family here on Australia. Thanks for taking the time tocomment and visit.

  6. Hello neph hows it going in the photo world,when was the last time you were in karijini,great place to visit with a camera,you can be snap happy all day. really enjoy it there. By the way this is your uncle un. neil

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