Old Salzburg

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Looking towards Hohensalzburg Castle one evening around 9pm. Walking around this city is alive with cafe’s and restaurants. People enjoying the European summer.

Nikon D3s, 24-70, at 1/160 sec, f2.8 2000 ISO



Salzburg, Austria

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Amazing,amazing old City!! I am standing in a castle that started life in 800 and took 700 years to build, looking down over old Salzburg. It’s not dark till 10:30pm and this image was taken around 7:30pm. 5 image stitch, hand held.

salzburg01 Panorama

Mirabell Palace, Salzburg Austria

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Mirabell Palace is just unforgettable. Massive gardens, built in around 1606, just a brilliant place.

door salzburg

Narrow streets Salzburg Austria

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Having just got back from Austria and Germany I now have a few images to look at! We spent one afternoon strolling through old Salzburg. Most of these buildings had 1500 build dates on them. Amazing.



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Editing Amanda and Phil’s wedding images tonight I just thought this one of Amanda was a bit special, so here it is!

Nikon D3s, 24-70 AF-S at 70mm f3.2 ISO 2000.


Wedding of Amanda McLeish and Philip

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Yesterday was Amanda and Phil’s wedding day. It was a bit damp but fast thinking by Phil had the situation under control!

When the rings were called for none of the groomspeople had them! Lucky Phil’s dog Charlie had them and ran in with them! Nice job Charlie.

Great day, great people, turns out Amanda’a Dad has known my brother for many years. Local knowledge, local people.

Thanks again Amanda and Phil for trusting me with your photography, here is a little preview!


Pre Wedding photos of Amanda and Phil

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Amanda and Philip’s wedding is fast approaching. Chatting to them in the car today it is incredible how connected you are with people in your town when you were born and bred here. People involved in Amanda and Phil’s wedding are names I know, shot their wedding or had them as hair dressers or celebrants before. Local knowledge ┬áis a wonderful thing, see the post below this one, and having great people like Amanda and Phil to work with is a bonus.

I have known Amanda from her previous job and I know a fair few of Phil’s work colleges who I cycle with and live across the road from. Its a great time of year for a wedding and I am really looking forward to this one!

Great people, great location and perfect damp overcast day, what more could I ask for???